Evaluating a stock

Evaluating a stock

1. You are evaluating a stock that is currently selling for $45 per share. Over the investment period, you think that the stock price might go down 15% or go up 15%. There is a call option available on the stock with an exercise price of $50. Answer the following questions about hedging your position in the stock. Assume that you will hold one share, and the risk-free rate is 5%.

A) What is the hedge ratio? How much would you borrow to purchase the stock? What is the amount of your net investment in the stock?

B) Complete the table below to show the value of your stock portfolio at the end of the holding period.

Scenario Low Stock Price High Stock Price

Value of Stock at Year End

Repayment of Loan

Value of Call Position


C) How many call options will you combine with the stock to construct the perfect hedge? Will you buy the calls or sell the calls?

D) What must the price of one call option be? And put option?

2. Use the Black-Scholes to find the value of a call option on the following stock.

Time to expiration 2-month

Standard deviation  30% per year

Exercise price  $40

Stock price  $45

Interest rate  4%

What is the value of the put option with the same strike price?