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Risk assessment plan

Risk assessment plan Module 05 Content Create a risk assessment plan for your company and do a thorough risk assessment analysis. Assess the ramifications of the risks you identify and make recommendations to mitigate those risks. Your assignment should meet the following requirements: 6-8 pages long, not including the cover page and reference page. Conform […]

Change Management

Change Management .  What is Your Image of Managing Change? Once completed (including calculating results), please proceed to reflect on a work-related situation, preferably where you either initiated a change (individually or as part of a team) or was a recipient of some change initiative in an organization. Proceed to discuss some of the key […]

Marketing project plan

Marketing In The Health Care Industry As the marketing project manager, you are ready to present your marketing project plan and marketing campaign to your supervisor. Use your work from the assignments, discussions, and activities in Weeks 2 through 4 to create a 10- to 15-slide voice-over presentation using either Microsoft® PowerPoint® or websites like Google […]

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Types of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing and Types of Digital Marketing, written by Laura Hudders Digital marketing has become increasing dominant in the advertising enterprise over the past decade (Hudders, 2022). Read the article Digital Marketing and Types of Digital Marketing and write a five-paragraph essay to address the following questions. Why is it […]


Mythology Prompt This is a multistep prompt in which you have to answer each of the questions posed to you. Love is an important theme in all of the myths we cover in this course, though you will soon come to find that ideas about love vary widely. What does this week’s reading assignment reveal […]

Data Collection

Data Collection First, review the following articles: The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Study and Oregon Prison Tackles Solitary Confinement With Blue Room Experiment. Then, in your initial post, address the following: Describe one or two of the most effective methods of data collection related to a criminal justice organization. Discuss the importance of collecting unbiased data for research. […]

Industrial food system of the United States

Industrial food system of the United States You can hear that perspective in the way that Murrow addresses the audience. Try to comment with that fresh perspective in mind.  What surprises you? Some other questions to bear in mind: What does this story tell us about the industrial food system of the United States as […]

Use of deception

Use of deception Give an example of how using deception in research can and should be used. Describe why the use of deception can be considered acceptable while some of the classic research methods are not. Note Provide examples when applicable.

violence consultant

Responsibilities of employers and employees Assume you are a workplace violence consultant, hired by a large consumer products firm. Your client has submitted the following questions and would like you to respond to each. They are most interested in learning your opinion based on current research in the field. Respond to each question in 175 to […]