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Leading a Group Discussion

Leading a Group Discussion Group Dynamics Forsyth: chs. 1, 4 Several different types of groups are described in this module/week’s readings. Describe a group that you would like to lead, including the type of group, its size, inclusion criteria, and whether it is open or closed. Identify the group’s purpose. What topics will be covered? […]

Personal Approach to Professional Nursing Practice Paper

Description In a Microsoft Word document of 5-6 pages formatted in APA style, describe your personal approach to professional nursing practice. Be sure to address each one of the following criteria: Which philosophy/conceptual framework/theory/middle-range theory describes nursing in the way you think about it? Discuss how you could utilize the philosophy/conceptual framework/theory/middle-range theory to organize […]

Social and Behavioral Development Opportunities during Whole Group Instruction

Creating Social and Behavioral Development Opportunities during Whole Group Instruction It is important that chosen research-based interventions be tailored specifically to fit the needs of each individual student. As professionals in the field, a critical component of your job will be designing instruction individualized to the behavior and social needs of students with ASD in […]

early childhood professional and administrator

early childhood professional and administrator As an early childhood professional and administrator, you must consider the role you play in advocating for children with disabilities and their families. You are uniquely positioned to be a strong advocate for children and families in the context of the early childhood setting and community. This assignment will allow […]


Read An Essay on Man: Epistle I BY ALEXANDER POPE complete the critical analysis paragraph on Essay on Man. Be sure to read the poem first. Before completing the assignment, watch the video for guidance on completing a critical analysis and see the rubric for more detail. Critical analysis must be written in a word […]

Privacy 4

Privacy 4 Olivia is the CEO for “Freedom Enterprises,” a financial services conglomerate with over 10 billion in assets. Among Freedom’s primary businesses are banking, health insurance and property and casualty insurance. Olivia comes to your office seeking counsel relative to certain events that have transpired over the past few months at Freedom. Freedom recently […]

The Pledge Of Allegiance

The Pledge Of Allegiance Religion and politics have traditionally been highly debated topics in our society. Recently, the Pledge of Allegiance has added to this debate. American citizens have generally recited the Pledge of Allegiance at important ceremonies ranging from presidential inaugurations to the beginning of the school day. The pledge has a great deal […]

majority opinion in the case of Carpenter v. the US

majority opinion in the case of Carpenter v. the US Please read the majority opinion in the case of Carpenter v. the US (you can read the rest if you like, but the very first page will tell you a lot). The link to that case is as follows: pdf attached Please write not less than […]