ethical dilemmas

ethical dilemmas

Create the self assessment files given and then write 2 pages.. Instructions is given

Create an ethics journal and post this week’s journal entries in this assignment. In it, describe the ethical dilemmas you encounter as a leader and as a follower, how you resolve them, how you feel about the outcomes, and what you learn that will transfer to future ethical decisions. You may also want to include your observations about the moral choices made by public figures.

Ethical dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas

Create the self assessment files given and then write 2 pages.. Instructions is given

Create an ethics journal and post this week’s journal entries in this assignment. In it, describe the ethical dilemmas you encounter as a leader and as a follower, how you resolve them, how you feel about the outcomes, and what you learn that will transfer to future ethical decisions. You may also want to include your observations about the moral choices made by public figures.

Hot-Shot Pix

Hot-Shot Pix case study

PART I: Read the following case study carefully and analyze it by answering each of the five Questions for Discussion. (20 points)

Hot-Shot Pix is a global digital camera manufacturer headquartered in the U.S. The company designs, manufacturers and sells various digital camera models at different price points through various channels. Design is carried out at the company’s R&D labs located in England and the U.S. The company manufactures cameras at four different locations: one factory is located in Singapore and supplies the Asia-Pacific region; another factory is located in Texas and serves the North American and Latin American markets; the third factory is located in France and serves the EU markets. This factory was established during Hot Shot’s first expansion outside the U.S. in the 1960s to manufacture film-based cameras and sell them across Europe. Currently, the factory in France is somewhat outdated, and the company is involved in a labor dispute with the unions. The last factory is located in Hungary and serves Africa and the Middle East. Currently, 30% of the company’s total revenues are generated domestically and the rest comes from foreign markets.

Hot Shot’s cameras have traditionally been well-regarded in the marketplace and the company is considered a leader in technological innovation. However, in the last ten years the company has been facing increased competition. Newer, more nimble competitors have established large factories in Asia. Theses companies serve the entire global market from one or two factories at a cheaper. Digital camera manufacturing is subject to significant economies of scale. In addition, the demand for digital cameras is seasonal, with a significant portion of the demand generated during the holiday season. This variability of demand has forced Hot Shot to outsource some of its manufacturing to various subcontractors in Asia who have varied considerably in their ability to adhere to quality specifications. In general, warranty costs have been slightly increasing.

The digital camera market is expected to grow at a healthy 8% rate for the next decade. Bob Wilson, the COO, is thinking of several significant operational changes. At the top of his list is closing the factory in France (which is technologically outdated) and establishing a new factory, possibly in China, that would serve the EU, North America and Latin America markets. The factory in the US would then focus on premium, higher-priced, cameras and represent around 20% of the global market for digital cameras. Another alternative is to purchase a Chinese camera maker and upgrade its facilities. The Chinese Foreign Investment Authority indicated that it would look favorably on this investment, as long as Hot Shot also established a design lab in China to develop the next generation cameras. This would be structured as a joint venture with a Chinese company. Meanwhile, European manufacturers were having a hard time competing with foreign camera makers and were arguing that foreign manufacturers were dumping excess production into their markets. One camera maker recently appealed to the EU for protection from ‘unfair foreign competition’. At the time, China had a sizeable trade surplus vis-à-vis European countries.

As a soon-to-be graduate of one of the most internationally diverse business schools in the U.S., you have been retained by Bob Wilson to prepare a report that identifies and briefly discusses the major international issues. Note that, at this time, Mr. Wilson is not looking for any specific recommendations.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What, if any, political issues should Wilson consider?
  2. What, if any, economic issues should Wilson consider?
  3. What, if any, social/cultural issues      should Wilson      consider?
  4. What, if any, technological issues      should Wilson      consider?
  5. What, if any, other issues should Wilson consider?

Local Invasive Plants

Local Invasive Plants

Read this please: Work with no.1 tree of heaven please, that’s my topic

For this post you will become an expert on an invasive species. If you are the first person to post, read the first plant profile (Tree-of-Heaven) the second person to post, read the second plant profile (Maltese Star-Thistle), etc.

To avoid working on a post that another student is working on, you are encouraged to submit a placeholder post and then submit a second post with your response once you’re done. If there are 6 people in your group, one of the invasive species will have two posts. Please assure you all use different sources for the invasive species that has a second post.

Click on one of the invasive species plant profiles below:

  1. Tree-of-Heaven –  Ailanthus altissima
  2. Maltese star-thistle – Centaurea melitensis
  3. Fountain grass – Pennisetum setaceum
  4. Brazilian pepper tree – Schinus terebinthifolius
  5. London rocket – Sisymbrium irio

Post Requirements:

This assignment requires two posts, each completed individually. Both of your posts need to be written in your own words. No credit will be given for responses copied directly from the plant profile.

First Post –

  1. List the top three reasons you feel this species is of concern in the Los Angeles River Watershed. For reach reason, explain why this makes this plant a cause for concern.  Be sure to support your argument with evidence from the plant profile you read.
  2. Based on the distribution of the plant (see the maps), biology and ecology and the methods of eradication, do you think it is possible to safely eradicate (completely remove) this species from the watershed? Why or why not?


Support your argument with specifics from the plant profile.

Computing Forum

Explore the latest trends in Cloud, Edge and Fog computing

“Fog computing is a computing layer between the cloud and the edge. Where edge computing might send huge streams of data directly to the cloud, fog computing can receive the data from the edge layer before it reaches the cloud and then decide what is relevant and what isn’t. The relevant data gets stored in the cloud, while the irrelevant data can be deleted or analyzed at the fog layer for remote access or to inform localized learning models.”,relevant%20and%20what%20isn’t


2- It will be researched and contain proper in-text, paraphrased and quoted citations with references listed in APA format.

3- It will present your own opinion, be insightful and have supporting evidence through research.

4- It will be between 250 – 500 words.

5- It will have no grammatical or spelling mistakes.


DO NOT FORGET TO Include one response as a third-party review for this answer to forum topic

quantitative methodology

Introduction To Quantitative Research

DQ 1) What is the nature of quantitative methodology? What types of measurements are best explored using quantitative methodology? Why? Based on your initial readings in Chapter 1 of the course textbook, how is this different from qualitative methodology? Explain.

 DQ 2) Imagine that you already have a doctoral degree and have a new job as a supervisor. It comes to your attention that several employees are dissatisfied and talking about leaving. Turnover is costly and disruptive, so you urgently need to identify a solution. The intensity of the situation and the burgeoning negative bandwagon have you concerned that talking to employees about the problems they are experiencing will unnecessarily heighten emotions and exacerbate the situation. Nonetheless, you wish to come to your boss with a fact-based list of measures that may be taken, starting with the most urgent, easiest to implement, and most effective. What kind of data do you need? How do you acquire the information you need? Support your position.


For each DQ elaborate within 260-300 words. Use in text citations accordingly. Use scholarly reference(s) along with the one(s) attached as well. Use and cite references using APA 7th Style Guide accordingly. Doctoral level class


GCU Doctoral Research: Foundational Principles of Research Design Read Chapter 1 of GCU Doctoral Research: Foundational Principles of Research Design.



evidence-based intervention and change proposal

professional presentation of your evidence-based intervention and change proposal

Create a professional presentation of your evidence-based intervention and change proposal to be disseminated to an inter professional audience of leaders and stakeholders. Include the intervention, evidence-based literature, objectives, resources needed, anticipated measurable outcomes, and how the intervention would be evaluated.


Submit the presentation in the digital classroom for feedback from the instructor.

develop a graphic timeline

Project Timeline Graphic Organizer

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a graphic timeline for the development of your project. At a minimum, be sure to include the deadline or timeframe for your:

  • Project approval (Week 6)
  • Education development (Week 7-9)
  • Stakeholder education (Week 7-9)
  • Implementation date (Week 10)
  • Assessment of initial outcomes/implementation (Week 14)
  • Reassessment of outcomes (Week 16)


Include the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in each implementation step. Be sure to provide sufficient detail. Please keep in mind some of the dates may be after your practicum has ended.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. 


 Deadline or Timeframe for Project Approval 

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Education Development assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Education Development

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Stakeholder Education assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Stakeholder Education 

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Implementation Date assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Implementation Date 

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Assessment of Initial Outcomes/Implementation assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Assessment of Initial Outcomes/Implementation 

6.75 points

expand Deadline or Timeframe for Reassessment of Outcomes assessment

Deadline or Timeframe for Reassessment of Outcomes 

6.75 points

expand Mechanics of Writing assessment

Mechanics of Writing 

2.25 points

expand Layout of Graphic Organizer assessment

Layout of Graphic Organizer

2.25 points


common pathophysiology/symptoms

Cardiovascular Conditions & Disorders

For the following conditions include a definition, common pathophysiology/symptoms & effects of exercise. While these answers can be found directly in the text, make sure you are taking time to understand them not just copying mindlessly!

1.      Hypertension

2.      Peripheral Arterial Disease

3.       Angina

4.      Chronic Heart Failure

5.      Myocardial Infraction

6.      Atrial Fibrillation

7.      Valvular Disorders

8.      CABG & PTCA


Each condition is worth 3 points for a total of 24 points.